Acupuncture in New York City

Specializing in Pain and Stress/Anxiety

Welcome to the premier acupuncture clinic in New York for pain and stress/anxiety.
While we do treat other complaints (see "Conditions treated" page), the focus of the practice is on the relief of pain and the calming of anxiety and stress. Acupuncture is a “safe and effective” (FDA) treatment for pain, which has been proven effective in clinical trials. Acupuncture can relieve pain by releasing powerful endorphins (body's natural pain-killers), relaxing muscle spasms, soothing inflammation, and stimulating healing.

Acupuncture together with Chinese herbal medicine is also highly successful in treating Anxiety and Stress conditions ranging from panic attacks and insomnia to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and lowered immune function. Acupuncture calms and regulates the sympathetic nervous system (i.e. “fight or flight” mechanism) and causes the body to release chemicals like endorphins that produce a profound sense of calm and contentment.

Introducing Cold Laser Acupuncture

As the top acupuncture clinic in Manhattan for pain and anxiety, Steadman became the pioneer of cold laser acupuncture. Laser acupuncture is a scientifically-proven, cutting-edge technology, which is extremely effective especially for pain. This may be a comforting alternative in those who have an aversion to traditional acupuncture.

Steadman still practices traditional acupuncture with the finest Japanese needles, but this new technology allows for more flexibility; a perfect blend of ancient tradition and modern science. [read more]

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